Serious Balance Training

Factors Impacting

Mobility Exercises

Balance Progression 
from Easy to Difficult

Flexibility, Strength and Balance

(Levels I, II, III)


Stephanie Haff

Dynamic Balance


Matthew is a personal trainer with AspireFit in Harrisburg, PA. He is a Penn State wrestling two-time All American and Pan American gold medalist.

Matthew White
Jon Kolb

Jon is an exercise physiologist combining the roles of university professor, personal trainer, and public speaker. Jon earned four Super Bowl rings as a left offensive tackle with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Testing for Balance
Heading 5
Walk on Toes
Heading 5
Heel Walk
Toes-In Walk
Side Step
Inside-Out, Outside-In
2 Steps, 2 Slides
2 Steps & Hop Switch
Grapevine (Carioca)
The Skate
Balance on Stability Ball