Personal Training Video Resources

Exercise Training Categories

Exercise Training Categories


(1) ROM (range of motion) and elasticity

(2) MOBS (mobility) and Body awareness

(3) Dynamic Warmup

(4) Speed

(5) Reactive/Plyometric Power

(6) Skilled Movement

(7) Core


(8) Strength

(9) Aerobic

The following 17 video clips address most of the categories listed above. A single video may address more than one category. 

Balance Training with Bands

Balance Training Progression 

Ladder Drills 

Dynamic Warmup

Ball Exercises - Levels I, II, & III

Power Jumping and Bounding

Power Lifting - Dead Lift and Clean

Core Strength - Advanced

Shoulders with Figure 8 Band


Core Strength - Beginner

Sheer Power

Strength Exercise with Limited 


Strength Exercise with No


Strength, Flexibility, and Balance -


Mobility (MOBS)

Strength, Flexibility, and Balance -